Why is the crucifixion of Christ unique?

I’ve been thinking lately about how Jesus suffered the horrible death of being crucified. I also thought exactly what makes Jesus’ death “so special?” Lots of people have been killed in the exact same manner, suffering immensely, some even perhaps longer than our Lord’s time on the cross. So, again what makes Jesus’ suffering unique?

I suppose we can make the point that Jesus didn’t have to do it. He stated that no one can take his life … “No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself …”  Again, Jesus stated that he could call out to the Father and more than twelve legions of angels would come to rescue him if that was what he wanted.

The crucifixion of Jesus was the fulfillment of multiple prophecies as well as demonstrations of miracles such as the sky turning dark, people coming out of their graves and the ‘rending’ of the veil of the temple from top to bottom, of which significance is a subject for another time.

It’s difficult to imagine how our Lord felt through out the entire process. Fully God, yet fully man in his suffering. When Peter said that he would never forsake him, I can imagine that Jesus in his humanity really wanted to believe him. I’m sure he really wanted to believe that his friends whom he just spent three years with would be there for him … but in his deity he knew they would forsake him. How heartbreaking that had to have been. How lonely he must have felt. The powers of darkness trying to convince him that the Father was forsaking him as well. And shortly thereafter, the words of our suffering Lord, “My God, my God! Why has thou forsaken me?”

Fully God, fully a man … perfection of love in giving his life for all of humanity.

There is much more. But I think I’ll stop for now.