Mixing A Little Politics

Like a lot of folks who run primarily Christian based blogs, I try not to venture out too much into politics. For about ten years I owned two political blogs which were pretty popular, one visited by people from over 186 countries. A couple of my articles were highlighted at the Canada Free Press and the Post & Email. But a while back I pretty much lost interest in writing about political stuff and my little wife encouraged me to start a “spiritual blog” (her terminology) though I still don’t write much.

With all that’s been happening since the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump winning I felt like writing some stuff as I look back to before the 2016 election …

When Donald Trump was running his campaign I have to admit he was not my first choice. I actually voted for Ted Cruz in the Texas primary. Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. From that point I supported him 100%. Yeah, Mr. Trump did some unsavory stuff (perhaps he was accused of more than he actually did, who knows?)   in his past. I felt we were not voting for a pastor or a spiritual leader, but for someone who could possibly restore some of the Christian values which have been decimated through the last few presidencies. I watched Barack Obama carefully and I knew this nation could not stand another four to eight years of his policies and corruption. I know how this is going to “sound” but I’m way beyond caring about what people think regarding certain things … I think the Bush family was and is equally, if not even more corrupt than Obama. I think the past several presidents have been utterly corrupt and sold America out to the highest bidder, not to mention, sacrificing many innocent lives for what they considered the “greater good.” (actually ‘greater evil’)

My wife couldn’t stand Donald Trump the candidate at first. As the campaigns continued and we watched the debates against Hillary Clinton, little Rina began to realize that as crass and seemingly arrogant that Mr. Trump appeared to be, what he said and his ideas for the country made perfect sense. She became an ardent Trump supporter. We bought yards signs (one got stolen), bumper stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc. My pickup truck even got keyed! Folks, I’m sad to say, even the pastor of my church didn’t vote for Donald Trump! Personally, I was stunned at that decision … still am.

Rina and I in our evening prayers would pray for the miracle of a Trump victory. Election night came and Rina asked me, “Do you think Trump will win?” I said, “No. But we’ve supported him, contributed, and did our part … let’s just see what happens.” I pretty much believed the major media at the time and realized the nearly insurmountable odds of him winning. Though in the back of my mind I had to consider how Mr. Trump’s rallies would be overflowing and the folks so excited … I went to bed before the results were in. But I noted that the results from Pennsylvania weren’t coming in even though all the eastern states were reporting one after another. I got up the next morning, fired up my laptop saying to myself, “Lets see how bad he got beat.” Holy Moly! I was so stunned and happy I couldn’t believe it! Donald J. Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton! WOW!

Trump has been president for 1 1/2 years. Let’s briefly look at some of the stuff he’s done accomplished, keeping in mind the Democrats and many Republicans constantly working against him … 3.8% unemployment (May ’18); employment at a 50 year high. Unemployment 6.8% for the black community lower than ever. Hispanic unemployment … lower than ever. More available jobs than people looking for them. Consumer confidence out-the-roof. GDP predicted to top 4% soon if it hasn’t already. N. Korean dictator to consider denuclearization. Appointing a conservative to the Supreme Court, and more to come. Pulling out of the Paris Accord. Pulling out of the U.N. Human Rights fiasco (why? because he’s tired of the U.N. always treating Israel unfairly) Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem … folks, being a true friend to Israel is the one thing which is preserving the U.S. from God’s wrath, in my humble opinion … for the time being.

It’s clear that President Trump is doing the right things for America. It’s clear that regardless of his lack of “Christianity” as we would define it, that he is a staunch defender of Israel and the values that we Christians have.

I believe as long as the United States continues to support Israel, God will hold back His judgement. I think that as soon as the U.S. withdraws its support of Israel and joins the nations of the world to rise up against the Jews … well, it’s in the Book.

To think for a second that God isn’t going to judge America for the utter perversion sweeping the country in every facet of American life would be an error. (in my opinion)

Anyway, I think it’s very important that Christians be involved in politics. Of course not to the extent that it’s all consuming as our focus has to be on Christ. However realizing that politicians make decisions that directly affect our freedom of worship should be enough to stay informed and defend that freedom, looking up, for our redemption draweth nigh.

Why is the crucifixion of Christ unique?

I’ve been thinking lately about how Jesus suffered the horrible death of being crucified. I also thought exactly what makes Jesus’ death “so special?” Lots of people have been killed in the exact same manner, suffering immensely, some even perhaps longer than our Lord’s time on the cross. So, again what makes Jesus’ suffering unique?

I suppose we can make the point that Jesus didn’t have to do it. He stated that no one can take his life … “No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself …”  Again, Jesus stated that he could call out to the Father and more than twelve legions of angels would come to rescue him if that was what he wanted.

The crucifixion of Jesus was the fulfillment of multiple prophecies as well as demonstrations of miracles such as the sky turning dark, people coming out of their graves and the ‘rending’ of the veil of the temple from top to bottom, of which significance is a subject for another time.

It’s difficult to imagine how our Lord felt through out the entire process. Fully God, yet fully man in his suffering. When Peter said that he would never forsake him, I can imagine that Jesus in his humanity really wanted to believe him. I’m sure he really wanted to believe that his friends whom he just spent three years with would be there for him … but in his deity he knew they would forsake him. How heartbreaking that had to have been. How lonely he must have felt. The powers of darkness trying to convince him that the Father was forsaking him as well. And shortly thereafter, the words of our suffering Lord, “My God, my God! Why has thou forsaken me?”

Fully God, fully a man … perfection of love in giving his life for all of humanity.

There is much more. But I think I’ll stop for now.